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What Makes A Luxury RV Park Home?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

RV park homes are a great way to get a nice temporary home, beach house, or place to stay away from home. While you can find many of these at a very budget friendly price, there are many different upgrades you can do to make your RV park home more luxurious. In fact, Platinum Cottages offers luxury RV park homes that have upgraded materials to give you a high end park home. Today we are going to look at what exactly makes a RV park home luxurious.

Upgraded Countertops

One of the first luxury upgrades to an RV park home is going to be the countertops. Most standard park homes are going to come with various laminate countertops. While this is usually the budget friendly end, there are many great options when it comes to laminate. However, upgrading to quartz countertops can really give you an upgraded look for your RV’s kitchen. Not only does it look great, it is going to give you longer lasting and more resilient construction that will last a lifetime. Quartz countertops won’t offer as many choices as laminate, but the options you do have are going to add a very high end look.

Backsplash Tile

Above the countertops, all RV park homes are going to feature a backsplash to protect the wall from water and food. For standard park homes, you are going to get a nice square tile backsplash, usually in a 6” by 6” size. These are usually found in a lighter color or even a full matter black color for a simple look that is usually budget friendly. For those who want to spend a little more money for a more unique look, subway tiles or mosaic tiles can be purchased for luxurious looks.

Shower Upgrades

The shower upgrades you get with a luxury RV park home are going to be very similar to the backsplash tiles in the kitchen. Most standard RV park homes are going to feature simply 8” x 24” or 36” tile that is cheap and easy to install. When you start to venture into more expensive upgrades such as 12” by 12” unique pattern tiles, you can really make your RV’s shower look more luxurious. There is no real change in materials, so they will both perform about the same, but the look will be much more appealing.

Better Cabinets

Another great place to upgrade in your RV park home is the kitchen cabinets. If you have ever been in an RV park home, you may have seen the standard stained look in most situations. If you are wanting to really get a better look for your kitchen, you can choose a higher end stain or a nicely painted cabinet set to really set the tone of your kitchen. Platinum Cottages offers many different options when it comes to cabinet choices to really make your RV exactly how you dreamed of.

LVT Flooring

One of the first things that many notice about an RV park home’s interior design is the flooring. For flooring you have a few different choices with the most common being linoleum, vinyl, and carpet. For the common areas, you are usually going to see linoleum in non-luxury models. For those who are wanting to go with a luxury choice, you can choose a nicer laminate or go with an LVT. LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile and is one of the most premium choices when it comes to higher end RV park homes. This tile comes in a variety of choices to allow you to get the perfect look to match your home’s interior.

Composite Decking

Decks are another luxury component found on more expensive RV park homes. Some of the more affordable RV park homes do have decks, but they are going to be much smaller than those that are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. These decks use composite decking that can be found in a couple of different colors to mimic popular wood stains. This will allow you to get a long lasting deck that will not have to be maintained as much as a wood deck wood.

Exterior Stain

Most RV park homes are going to feature exterior paint that can be found in a wide variety of colors. This is usually going to be the cheapest and most common option as it is easy to apply and keeps overall cost down. If you are wanting something with a little more appeal and price isn’t a factor, you can look at having the exterior wooden component stained in a beautiful brown or grey color. This can seriously enhance the looks of your home while giving it a popular “cabin” look. It will also allow for a low maintenance upkeep as staining does not chip or peel.

Stone Siding

If paint or vinyl siding isn't really the look that you are wanting to go with, you can make your RV park home look much like a permanent home by adding stone siding. Stone siding is going to be one of the more expensive upgrades, but it makes one of the biggest differences when it comes to the curb appeal of your RV park home. Platinum Cottages currently offers 4 different stone siding options, each having their own unique look that can make your RV park home look more luxurious.

Various Color Choices

Last but not least, even choosing various colors can make your RV park home look more luxurious. Interior and exterior paint colors can really have an effect on the overall aesthetic of your RV park home and a simple color change can make your home look much larger than it actually is. Speak with one of your professional RV park home experts to find out what the best color choices are for your specific goals.


Now that we have looked at what makes a luxury RV park home, you should feel much more confident in adding a few upgrades to your home. If you want to learn more about how each upgrade can be added to your RV park home build, contact one of our dealers today.

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