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What is a Park Model RV Model/Home?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Park model homes are becoming more popular as property taxes and mortgages increase in price. Many families are having a hard time affording even the smallest of homes in some of the busiest cities in the United States. That has made many residents look into park model homes as an affordable alternative. However, there are many questions that people have when researching these homes, and today, we are going to help answer these questions to make your purchasing decision easier.

What is a Park Model RV Model/Home?

What Is A Park Model Trailer?

A park model home is also known as a recreational park trailer. These homes are built on a single chassis that is mounted on wheels that can be towed to different locations. While they are referred to as RVs and mobile homes, park model homes are built more robustly than their competitors and have more creature comforts that closely resemble traditional homes.They can be used for a variety of different things from temporary living to permanent living quarters.

Park model homes usually have the following criteria:

  • Under 400 Square Feet

  • Must Be Manufactured In A Certified RV Factory

  • 10-12 Feet Wide

  • Built On A Single Trailer Chassis

  • Axles & Wheels Removed After Setup (Permanent/Long Term Setups)

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional RV and A Park Model?

When it comes to comparing traditional RVs to park model RVs, the thing that stands out the most is the size of the two. Park model RVs are going to be larger than traditional RVs with some reaching the size of smaller apartments. Many park model RVs come fully loaded with features such as full sized showers, living rooms, and kitchens that include full size ovens and refrigerators. They can be customized or purchased directly with multiple rooms whereas RVs are usually going to feature only one bedroom. Some are also able to be built onto if an addition is wanted.

Are Park Model Homes Customizable?

One of the most convenient options of a park model home is the ability to have it customized to fit your lifestyle or budget. If you are wanting to get a park model home that is on the cheaper side, you can purchase a pre-manufactured model or design a custom model with cheaper features. If you are wanting the best of the best, you can really customize a park home to look even nicer than most tiny homes. The possibilities are endless and can be adjusted to fit just about any budget or family.

What Are The Advantages Of A Park Model Home?

There are many advantages of a park model home which will be dependent on what you are comparing it to. When comparing it to a traditional home, you can expect a park model home's advantages to include being cheaper, have the ability to be moved, and to be ready to move in much quicker than building or closing on a home. When compared to a traditional RV, your advantages are going to be higher quality building materials, more home like features, and a larger living area.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Park Model Home?

While there are not many disadvantages to owning a park home, there are a few comparisons that you can make that give a park home a disadvantage. When compared to a traditional RV, you can expect to pay more for a park home. With upgraded features, larger living areas, and more amenities, a park home may not be in everyone's budget. If compared to a traditional home, one of the biggest disadvantages is going to be space and durability. A park home will not have the same safety features as a home in the event of a bad storm.

Should I Buy A Park Model Home Or A Tiny Home?

One of the biggest questions that comes up when people are considering a park model home is whether they should buy a park model home or a tiny home. This is ultimately going to come down to what you are wanting out of your home and how much budget you have.

Why You Would Choose A RV Park Home

  • Can Be Moved

  • More Affordable

  • Does Not Require Same Code/Taxes As A Tiny Home

Why You Would Choose A Tiny Home

  • More Permanent Solution

  • Can Be Fully Customizable

  • Can Be Built On Slab

Can You Live Fulltime In A Park Model?

Park model RVs can be used to live in full time if supported by properly installed utilities. Many people are living in park model homes in trailer parks and tiny home lots all over the country. When choosing a park model home for long term living, you are going to get one that is comfortable and has all of the amenities to make long-term living more comfortable.

Can You Put A Park Model On Your Property?

Another hot topic when it comes to purchasing a park model home is finding a suitable place for it. While most of these RV model homes are placed in trailer parks, many people choose to put these homes on private property. Before you go out and start adding a park model home to your property, you will need to check with local laws and regulations to ensure that you are able to add a park model home to your property.

Do Park Models Hold Their Value?

Park model homes actually hold their value quite well as they have a variety of uses. When investing in a park model home, a question that many have is how much money they will get back if they decide to sell it. This will ultimately rely on how well it is kept, but in most cases, you are going to see your park model home hold its value quite well.

Where Can I Buy A Park Model RV Home?

Now that you know more about what a park model RV home is and what the advantages are compared to the disadvantages, it’s time to start looking for your own home. Platinum Cottages has a wide variety of RV park model home dealers where you can purchase high quality homes from. If you have any further questions about a park model home, contact our highly experienced park model experts for more information.

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