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How To Prepare Your Park Model Home For Winter Living

If you are using your park model home for mainly summer/spring use, there are specific steps you will want to take to ensure your home is prepared for the winter months. In this article, we will go over a few tips to help you winterize your park model home to increase the longevity of your home.

How To Prepare Your Park Model Home For Winter Living

Preventing Mold, Moisture, Mildew

  • Store any cushions and mattresses on their side to help ventilation.

  • Keep your room doors open for better airflow.

  • Ensure that your aerators are not blocked.

  • Make sure that all of your windows are securely closed.

Winterizing Your Water System

  • Keep all of your faucets open (Including The Shower Faucet)

  • Empty the flush, toilet bowl, and siphons

  • Put antifreeze in the bottom of your toilet.

  • Rince freshwater circuits with vinegar water.

  • Shut off the water supply and unplug the power supply.

  • Drain the water heater according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Winterizing Your Gas Circuit

  • Close the gas taps and open the drain point.

  • Block the gas inlet fittings.

  • Bleed the gas circuit after it is closed and the cylinder is sheltered.

Winterizing Your Electrical Components

  • Turn off the main power supply at the circuit breaker.

  • Unplug all electrical appliances.

Other Maintenance Preparation

  • Lubricate the support legs and coupling device.

  • Look for any corrosion in the ducts.

  • Draw the curtains.

  • Remove all food from cupboards and refrigerators.

  • Wash and disinfect the refrigerator, leaving the door ajar.

  • Install moisture absorbers in all rooms.

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