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Can I Live Full Time In A Park Model Home?

A park model home can be more than just a temporary home while you are on vacation or enjoying some time in another state. You can live full-time in a park model home with the correct utilities installed. Today, we will show you how you can turn your park model home into a full-time residence.

What Are Properly Installed Utilities?

The proper utilities will ensure you can live in your park model home all year round. This will include having permanent water and electrical utilities run to your park model home. In most cases, these utilities are not as permanent since a park model home is used frequently throughout the year. Consult with your local utility companies to find exactly what you need to do for a permanent residence.

Where Can I Live Full Time In A Park Home?

You can live full-time in a park home wherever you can get the proper utilities installed. However, you will need to check with your city ordinances to ensure you have the proper permits and everything is up to code.

How Can I Make My Park Model Home Livable Year Round?

Making your park model home more livable year-round will require you to make specific changes depending on your climate. For those with harsher winters, you may need to winterize your water, electrical, and gas utilities and lines to protect them from drastic temperature drops.

Park Model Homes From Platinum Cottages

If you are ready to purchase a new park model home, choose the experts at Platinum Cottages to help you find the best home for you. As one of Texas’ largest Park Model Home manufacturers, our team can help you pick out the perfect floor plan, amenities, and materials to make your park model home a perfect fit for your needs. Fill out our contact us form to get started today!

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