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8 Benefits Of Buying An RV Park Model/Home

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

With the rising costs of home and property taxes driving more people towards more affordable housing, RV park model homes are becoming more common. As an affordable alternative to traditional homes, these RV homes allow for you to have a temporary, long-term, or permanent housing solution just about anywhere.

They Are Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of buying an RV park model home is that they are much more affordable than a traditional home. Due to their smaller size and the fact that you do not have to pay for a concrete slab or land, you get to save money. Don't let the lower price fool you into thinking that you are not getting quality products. Platinum Cottages uses some of the highest quality materials to construct out RVs. This allows you to spend more money on traveling, purchasing land, and buying a vehicle that will easily tow your new home.

You Can Transport Them

A main reason that people choose to go with an RV park model home is that they can be transported with any vehicle capable of towing them (licensed toter and permits must be obtained by the DMV). RV park model homes are homes built onto a chassis with wheels similar to a trailer. This allows you to move the home when needed.

They Can Be Used For Long Term Living

Not only are these park homes great for non-permanent applications they are mostly used for long term living. This can include staying in them while you have a new home built, using it for college years to save some money, or even if you want to save a little money before purchasing your forever home. These park homes come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate long term living and can even be built to suit your specific lifestyle. You will need to have electrical, water, and plumbing set up at the location you are wanting to use the RV.

You Can Customize Them

RV park homes are some of the most customizable options when it comes to RVs. Gone are the days where every RV park home looks the same or comes with the most basic furnishings. Now, you can add decks, windows, granite, and much more to your park home to give it a more upscale look. This is a huge advantage when looking at using them for long term or permanent living situations as you will get the same great creature comforts that you would normally find in a traditional home. Talk with your local dealer about what options you have when customizing your RV.

They Are Heavier Which Makes Them Easier To Tow

Traditional mobile homes or RVs are designed to be light to make them tow-able by average trucks. One disadvantage to this lightweight is that it makes it harder to control on the highway. A light RV can be pushed around by high winds or affected by rough road conditions. RV park homes are usually designed to be heavier in weight which makes them more stable on longer drives. You will have to have a beefier vehicle or towing package to accommodate the extra weight, but this will make moving them much safer.

Great For Private Living

With cities popping up in just about every corner of the country, more and more people are looking to escape to a more secluded side of town. From traffic noise to the clutter of cars on your road, suburban life is not always the ideal living situation for some people. This has made more secluded areas of town more favorable as people look for more private living areas. An RV park home makes for the perfect solution as you do not have to wait for a home to be built or have to follow the same code restrictions as most neighborhoods.

Usually Nicer Than Most RVs

Taking a look at Platinum Cottage's RV gallery, you can easily see that these RV park homes are built much nicer than your typical RVs. Quality comes first with these park model homes to ensure that you live comfortable in a home that has materials that will last a lifetime. Comparing these park homes to standard RVs will show why more people are buying RV park model homes to live in for extended periods of time. You always have the option to customize your RV to fit your lifestyle/budget.

Can Find Some With Fireplaces

A fireplace is one of the most popular creature comforts when it comes to a permanent home. While most RVs are not going to come with traditional fireplaces, you can opt for an electrical fireplace that can give you the same great look and heat that will make those cold winter nights feel cozy. They are built right into the park model home and make for a clean and easy way to upgrade your home’s interior.


So now that you know a little bit more about how RV park model homes can benefit you, it’s time to get shopping. Check out our wide selection of cottages to find the perfect new living situation for you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team today.

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