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3 Uses For A Premium Cottage

There are many different uses for a premium cottage from Platinum Cottages. Since our cottages offer luxury amenities in a classic RV-style package, these cottages can be very versatile. Today, we are going to look at three popular uses for cottages and how you can get the most from yours.

3 Uses For A Premium Cottage
3 Uses For A Premium Cottage

Lake House

One of the most popular uses for a cottage is a lake house. With an RV park home/cottage you get the versatility of transporting it to the location of your choice. While this type of home is not one you will want to move often, moving it to your lake property will allow you to get an affordable, less permanent solution for a lake home.

Air BnB

With the rise in popularity of Air BnB properties, a, RV park home or cottage is the perfect solution for making extra money on your property. With upscale amenities, our premium cottages give you the feeling of staying in a nice home while in a smaller dwelling. If you have land you are currently not using, you can check with your local laws to see if using an RV park home as an Air BnB is an option.

Vacation House

Lastly, a premium cottage can be used as a vacation house just about anywhere you have land with utilities. Since these cottages are portable to a permanent location, you can put them next to a beach, in the woods, or next to the mountains to give you and your family a nice little vacation house.

Premium Cottages For Sale

Choose from a variety of different premium cottages at Platinum Cottages. Our cottages offer the highest-quality products and materials to give you upscale features in an RV-sized package. Check out our dealer locator to find your nearest Platinum Cottages dealer to discuss your next cottage.

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