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3 Reasons Why You Will Want A Park Model Home

With more and more Americans downsizing their living quarters, many are looking for ways to get the same great feeling of a house without a large mortgage. A park model home from Platinum Cottages offers top-of-the-line features and amenities in a smaller, more affordable package. Today, we are going to look at 3 reasons why you will want a park model home.

3 Reasons Why You Will Want A Park Model Home
3 Reasons Why You Will Want A Park Model Home

It’s A Lifestyle

The park model home lifestyle is growing daily, giving homeowners more financial freedom and enough house to give everyone their own space. Built to spec, a park model home can be designed to feature all of the amenities you need to ensure your creature comforts are taken care of. Park model home parks are popping up all over the US, adding the lifestyle of the park model home.

They Are Flexible

A park model home can give you the home you want, virtually anywhere you want. Whether you have some land on a lake or have a lot by the beach, you can set your park model home nearly anywhere the city will allow you to.

Wide Variety Of Designs

Similar to a custom home, your park model home can be designed to fit your every need. While the basic framework will need to stay within the builder’s specs, you will have plenty to choose from to really make your park model home yours.

Custom Park Model Homes From Platinum Cottages

Are you ready to take the plunge into the park model home lifestyle? Platinum Cottages can help you build the park model home of your dreams. With a wide variety of local dealers, you can easily find the perfect home for your needs. Visit our dealer locator and speak to a Platinum Cottage expert today.

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